Friday, June 8, 2018

One of my Jobs

Photo by Toni Reece
 Appanoose Baptist Church

This church has been in continuous 
service since it was built in 1878 and
it is still going strong.
 Our church sits on one of the
 highest points in Franklin County. 
  “A beacon to the community.”

One of my church tasks is to publish a directory and this is the photo we used on it.  I really love this photo! 

Today, June 10, was the 140th birthday of Appanoose Baptist Church!! 

Monday, May 21, 2018

First Attempt--Softball

This is Kelsey's softball.  It is my first attempt at embroidering on a softball.  The ball must be deconstructed, embroidered, and then relaced.  I scanned the two pieces of ball so I would have a template to try out various fonts and arrangements.  You are just seeing one side so that Kelsey may remain anonymous.  The machine did not mind stitching on the ball.  I used double threads of red and blue #8 pearl cotton for the lacing. I do wish I had used the next size bigger.  Push pins were used to keep the two pieces in place.  There are great videos on youtube that will help you with all aspects of this project.  You may also want to check out facebook groups that have members who are very good at this art.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Honor the Elders Reading Pillow

This is a reading pillow that I recently made for a friend. The original elder/feather design is Native American artwork by Guuillermo Aranda.  You can find this design on Etsy at YermosArt.  The wording is by Dee Lamb but I cannot find it on the Reading Pillow Fanatics site that I used.  The pillow fabric is Native Plains by Jennifer Sampon for Robert Kaufman.  I think it had been in my stash for many years but was perfect for this project.  The book pocket fabric is Cowboy Mantras by Deborah Edwards for Northcott. My friend loved his pillow and I have received many nice compliments.

Saturday, April 21, 2018


My grandson just moved into a new house.  When I toured his bedroom, I discovered why I had been hoarding black and white fabric for a year or two.  I spotted this quilt on Pinterest  and decided I would make this without a pattern.  I used Kona cotton black and Kona cotton white.  The grays are from a batik layercake.  It was quick to sew together.  My friend quilted it with feathers.  Now to make some pillows and pillowcases.  Happy House Warming!!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ice Dyeing

 I found a white denim vest on sale last year and bought two of them. First I washed the vest and then soaked it in a washing soda bath for two days.  After letting it dry until damp, my neighbor put rubber bands in a dozen places.  Jill used grape, hot pink, and glacier blue dry dyes on the vest. Twenty pounds of ice and 48 hours later the vest was ready for rinsing and washing.  I love it.
When Jill came to pick up her vest.  Her daughter applied dye to a white cotton shirt.  She used grape, watermelon, hot pink, peach, and pinches of green. Twenty more pounds of ice and 48 hours later, it was ready for its reveal.  I know she will love her shirt.  It is amazing!

When I started to clean up, I had 40 pounds of water in the plastic tub.  I decided to throw in a white cotton blouse to see what color it would be.  It is a delightful purple.

We used the directions from a book entitled Having a Meltdown by Sondra Millard.  The directions are clear and easy to follow.  Great book if you want to start dyeing fabrics.

Monday, April 2, 2018

More Reading Pillows

These are my two latest reading pillows.  The top one has purple fleece for the front and back of the pillow.  The bottom one has a cotton front and back.  I do use an soft iron-on stabilizer for both of the pieces.  The book pocket is cotton that I have backed with fusible fleece.  The sketchy girls are from Jazzy Zebra on etsy.  My computer has just been reformatted so I can not tell you where the thousand lives is from.  I had seen the booktime saying several months ago and digitized that myself. I love making the pillows and have more ideas and more fabric. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Yeti Cover

My husband and son are farmers.  Last year each received a 36 ounce Yeti as a gift.  My son wanted his covered so that it wouldn't get scratched from bouncing around in the tractor.  I made the Yeti covers from rip stop nylon and headliner foam-like fabric.  I quilted the two fabrics together, serged the side seam, and inset the bottom with the serger.  A little casing at the top and some 1/4 inch elastic and the cover is finished. They both like their Yeti cover.