Sunday, January 18, 2015

Silk Quilt

This is my silk duponi quilt.  I have collected the silk colors for a couple of years and knew how I was going to make the quilt.  The silk was backed with a soft stabilizer so it would not fray.  Then I hooped a polymesh stabilizer and added wool batting and then the silk fabric.  The designs are from two of Sharon Schamber's Design Collections. The designs were embroidered on my new 10-needle Babylock Enterprise. The quilt is 20.75 inches square.  I could not decide which color to use to bind the quilt, so I used a two color binding of a deep red and soft pink.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Ker Bloom!

This is Ker Bloom!, a kit I purchased in Paducah from Vogies.  It has beautiful Frond fabric and great colors.  My friend quilted it with a modern quilting pattern.  It was a pretty quilt until I added the green binding on the black border.  Now it is a beautiful quilt.  The binding made it really special and pulled all the colors together.  My husband is the proud owner because he really liked it.