Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Grommet Purses

These are two examples of grommet purses that I made for the young adults in the family. The pattern is called Wallet & Grommet by Maple Island Quilts. The purses are about 10" by 11". I used the new square grommets that just arrived at the Overbrook Quilt Shop.

These purses are quick and easy. The directions are very clear. These purses use only four of the grommets. The grommets do not need a special tool. After cutting a hole, the grommets are set by squeezing them together until you hear a snap. I also used two layers of fusible fleece to help the purses hold their shape. One of my quilting friends said she had seen purses like these in botique shops while in Cancun.

Locker Hook Rug

My daughter-in-law loves chickens. She has some on the farm where they live. So when I saw this pattern, I knew it would be just right for her. This is a locker hooked rug and made with 1 and 1/4 inch strips of fabric. The foundation is a mesh canvas through which the fabric is hooked with a crochet-like hook. Then after putting 8 or 10 loops on the shaft of the hook, a thread is pulled through the loops to hold them on top of the canvas. It is easy but rather time consuming. This techniques does use lots of fabric. This rug has eight or nine yards of fabric. This is one of the classes I teach at the Overbrook Quilt Connection. Della loved her Christmas chickens.

Last Stocking Picture

This is the last group of stockings. Cindy is our daughter and she has two married children with three little granddaughters. It was such fun to watch them unwrap their gifts. The big stockings are made from Thomas Kincade fabric. Then I embellished them with glitter to bring out the snow scenes. This really was a bigger project that I thought it would be.

Monday, December 28, 2009

More Stockings

This is another stocking "family". Jacob and Tikia are in the army so they have army camo stockings. I made 19 stocking in all. Each is a reflection of the person's personality.
My DIL said yesterday that the stockings were a hit at Christmas. No, I did not fill them. Just gave them the stockings.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Stockings

These four stockings belong to my older son and his family. His stocking is made from a suede-like knit fabric. The other stockings are glittery satin fabric. I am not sure how much everyone liked their stockings today but these were hanging by the fireplace before I left today.

The big hit of the day was the greatgranddaughters cuddly critter scarves. When Stacie, who is four, opened hers, she let out a little squeal and said "it's the scarf I wanted." She loved it. The youngest cried because she did not have a scarf (yet). So it was opened too. All three wore them for part of the afternoon.

It was a fun day with three generations of Anderson's today.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Stocking

Each of the members of my family is going to get a new Christmas stocking. This is one that I have made for Avery. After deciding on a pattern, I purchased some satin-looking fabric. I have fused the fabric to fusible fleece to give it body and provide a stabilizer for the embroidery work. The satin has silver metallic flecks, so the trim is also silver on the stocking. I used minkee for the white part of the stocking but it is not easy to work with. I much prefer the "fuzzy felt" that I found at JoAnn's.

I sew the back and front together and then a lining back and front except for a small space in the side of the lining. Then I can sew around the top edge of the stocking and lining and have a very clean finish.

The stocking would be quick to make if I could decide on the embroidery designs.

Cuddly Critters Scarves

The bunny, kitty, and doggy are scarves that I have made for my great granddaughters for Christmas. I saw the cuddly critters made on Sewing with Nancy so I ordered the booklet. It is authored by Nancy Zieman and Donna Fenske. Each of the critters also has a hat and mittens. The critters are made from fleece which is easy to sew. Fleece is also on sale this month which is an added benefit. I digitized the faces because I "do not like to touch the needle." They really turned out cute and are quick.
I did make a pair of mitten but them seem very small and I don't think I will make more unless I have some time later. I didn't make any of the hats because I am not sure they would wear them. But they might use the scarves.