Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Colorado Rockies

We are back from Colorado! I am almost caught up with my chores and have all the laundry finished. I still have to put the linens and rugs back into the fifth wheel. One of our friends had two blow-outs and a third tire that went flat during the trip home. So we now have new tires on our trailer and can be ready for a trip in a couple of hours.
This is my favorite shot of the trip. The valley is Camp Hale, an abandoned army camp that was used for training the 110th Mountain Division during WWII. The location is between Leadville and Minturn on Highway 24. We have stayed in the same are for a couple of decades. The picture is of my son and his daughter enjoying the view of the mountains. We had ridden our ATVs up a trail and had stopped at one of our favorite overlooks.
I have been sewing for the past couple of days and will share my latest project soon.