Thursday, June 18, 2015

Diva Wallet

This is my new Diva Wallet.  The wallet is covered in a argyle pattern that I stitched with my embroidery machine.  The hardware for the wallet and pattern can be found at Diva Wallet Frames. The pattern is very easy to make and the frame is slipped on the ends of the wallet. Then there are four tiny screws that hold the frame in place. I showed it to a bus-full of quilters this week and they loved the look. I made this in a short afternoon. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June Software Sampler

 The June Software Sampler from Bernina is Make it Plaid.  These are the samples that I made from the lesson. The top one is a plaid criss cross with blue and green thread on green fabric.

The second sample is an argyle pattern on orange fabric with green squares.  The green is the same thread as used in the top sample but it gives a gray-looking tone.  The center thread is white.

The third sample is red and blue on white fabric.  They all are interesting and very fun to make.

I did discover that a couple layers of stabilizer makes a flatter design.  I used polymesh on the third design with a lightweight tear-away floated under the hoop.