Friday, August 26, 2011

The Tree

The Christmas Tree kit that I found at Keepsake Quilting is finished. I love using piping around a quilt, especially since it is so easy to make with the serger piping foot. After looking at the photo with the kit, I decided they gave me too many medium tones and not enough light tones. Theirs glowed and mine just has too much noise in the immediate background of the tree. Since this is headed for the children at the cancer center, I put lots of decoration on the tree. You can see that better if you make the photo bigger. I would have put on more "stuff" but time became a factor. I know the kids will enjoy this little quilt.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chelsea Garden Side Border

Anna Aldmon is at it again. She is the digitizer for the Nouveau Fleur quilt that I stitched in greens. Chelsea Garden is a Pat Campbell applique design that will be available for machine embroidery in October. Anna asked me to test the border designs. This is the left side border. The border also runs across the top and has the same design on the opposite corner. The quilt has 25 designs that are eight-inch circles. You can see some of those designs on Anna's website. Anna's directions are the best I have seen. This border has six-hoopings that are well-planned and easy to stitch. I am anxious for this pattern to be completed.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Software Sampler August Project

The Bernina Software Sampler lesson for August is based on a recycled denim slouch bag. The bag is a collage of different techniques. I used fabric etching to make holes in the denim. Bleach was used to distress the fabric. Then I added stenciled designs with fabric paint, embroidery designs, and grommets. It is not a bag that I would use but it is interesting.

September Addition:

Today I was at Mea Bernina where my denim slouchy bag was displayed. Several ladies where there before heading to a retreat and one wanted to know if I would sell the bag. So she wrote me a check on the spot. She wanted to use it to teach a class for her friends.

Umbrella Project

This is one of my latest projects. I was looking at blogs on other sites and came across this one about recovering an umbrella. Well, I just happened to have an old umbrella that I wasn't going to use again and this is the result of my efforts. Amazingly covering an umbrella is a two to three hour project. It is fun and my friends are in awe...