Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yo Yo Easter Egg

This pink Easter egg is made from heart-shaped yo-yos. I originally saw one that was on the site of All People Quilt. I used white glass headed pins and pink beads to attach the yo-yos to a styrofoam base.The original picture used buttons and pins. It really is cute. It took about 50 yo-yos to cover a medium-sized egg.


Rhonda said...

Wow! The egg is gorgeous....you have soooo much patiences and it has paid off. Great job!

Cheryl Willis said...

this is so cute, I am not a yo-yo sewer but I bet one could do this with those little store bought bows. I think this might be fun for the grands to try do when they spend the night saturday. cw

Pieces of Time said...

In all honesty, I don't like doing crafty things like this. But this egg was so cute in the picture, it hooked me. I know you will like it.