Friday, January 14, 2011

Computer Bags

These are laptop bags that I embroidered for Christmas gifts. Most had initials but some adults got their name if it was short. The monogram section of the Bernina V6 Designer Plus made it easy to design a special monogram for each person. This side is black and the other side has a wide color strip around the bag. I made one for 20 of the family including myself. Almost everyone had them packed as they left for their homes.


Ella said...

Wow, I am wondering about the bags -- what was the fabric? Did you purchase or make them?

Pieces of Time said...

I purchased the bags from Ebay. You have to try "blank laptop bags". I purchased a lot of 24 in various colors but all black on side without pocket. They ended up about $6.50 each. Then I turned them inside out to embroider. They have no padding but everyone was pleased to have one.