Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gold Canyon, Arizona

We arrived at Canyon Vistas in Gold Canyon last Friday. It took us a day or so to get everything set up. Needed a new piece for the sewer connection, a new pop-off valve for the hot water heater, and the trailer was extremely dirty. We did drive in the rain for two and a half days so you can imagine the way the truck and trailer looked.

Our satellite dish has had some problems, so we had to solve that problem. That means we bought a new dish. So that took an afternoon to go the Camping World and then get it set-up correctly plus a call to Dish.

Charlie, our Australian shepherd, was so excited to be here. He loves the big dog pen where he can play with his friends. He allows everyone to pet him which is a rarity at home. He and I walk a couple of miles a day.

I had the Bernina out this afternoon to get some stitching done. Made a couple of gifts and have a couple of more started.

We were planning to return home for Christmas but the storms have put a kink in our plans. So we'll stay here and spend Christmas with friends in the resort. I hope everyone has a great Christmas with their family and friends.

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