Friday, January 6, 2012

10-Minute Table Runner

Yesterday was a fun day. The quilting room is busy on Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday is a free stitching day, so you can take your machine and work on whatever you want. Thursday is more structured. In the morning, Karen and Louise gave a lecture on quilting from beginning to end. They showed lots of notions and gave people lots of ideas. In the afternoon, I taught the 10-minute table runner. I have seven people signed up but had ten show up during the afternoon. I wish I had taken my camera because there were some beautiful fabrics used for the table runners and placemats. Everyone was so joyous when they finished their projects in a short time. One lady made three of the table runners and another finished her table runner and two placemats. I have been working on a kit I purchased in Paducah two years ago. I have all of the rows sewn and now just need to sew them together. I should have it finished in a day or two and will have a photo.

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