Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tiny Teddies

I found this kit at Mama's Log Cabin in Arkansas.  I looked at it for a while and also the kit will kitties and finally this jumped into my hand!  It is just so cute.  Most of you know that "I don't touch the needle", meaning I don't do much handwork.  So Monday morning I digitized the teddies in my Designer Plus software with the advanced applique tool and added the faces.  I had most of the 15" x18" quilt finished before heading to bed. Did I tell you how cute it was?  Now to figure out what to do with this "impulse" quilt.


Denise :) said...

This is darling! I can certainly see why it "jumped"! :)

Jennifer (Recovering Perfectionist) said...

Ohhhh, this is adorable! I love thirties' reproductions, and the cute little teddies just push it right over the top!

Brita said...

So sweet -- it will be loved a lot!