Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Liberty Belle

This is my latest finish.  It is called Liberty Belle and was from a Snap Sack that I purchased from Mea Bernina, my local Bernina dealer. The kit contains the pattern, fabric, and backing.  I have seen the Snap Sack at quilt shops.  The have several different patterns. This is a small quilt approximately 10x26".  It was quick to make and then gave me another opportunity to quilt in the hoop.  The star square was quilted with a design that is on my 830.  It was just a matter of resizing to fit the block.  The stripes were quilted from a sashing design from the Classic Line Quilting collection.  I did use software to link the sashing design to make it longer.  I did have to rehoop to finishing the stripes. It will be a birthday gift.  

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goody said...

Looks like a fun project!