Monday, February 9, 2015

X-Block Quilt

 This is my 18" x 23" X-Block quilt.  When we were in Arizona for the winter two years ago, the Bernina dealer showed her quilt and the techniques for making it.  I have had this much complete for two years and had decided that I did not want to make a big quilt.  So last week I finally quilted it with designs using my embroidery module. I really do like the quilting.

On Saturday, I am teaching a lesson on binding.  One of the topics will be Piping Hot Binding by Susan Cleveland.  So there is piping around the inside edge of the binding.  I followed the instruction booklet, used the trimming tool, and got good results.  The piping would give any quilt a big boost of color and detail.


Kris said...

I love how that looks. I regret not taking Susan Clevlands class when she was here last year for our guild. I did recently learn how to make a faux pipe and love that look. I am curious how they differ. When Susan was here she donated a book to our guild library so I will have to go look that up. ;)Lovely little quilt and it is even better that it is done now!

Ramona said...

What a sweet little quilt. Love the quilting and the piping on your binding. I've sewn plenty of piping on clothing, but have never added it to the binding. I'm going to have to try it. Lovely finish.