Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Adventure Continues

Yesterday was my six week check with the surgeon. She is pleased with how I am healing and said I have a "blush" from my radiation treatments. I will check in with her again in four months.

Today was treatment number 13 of 34. Every Tuesday I meet with my radiology doctor to check out how I am feeling and seeing if I need anything. Dr. C is a delightful doctor who took the time during our first meeting to find out a lot about my professional background. He and I are both graduates of Kansas University. I always have a book when I am waiting, so we chat about reading. Last week he gave me the title of a book that members of his book club had read. So I stopped at the local library to check out The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. The book revolves around the occupation of Guernsey Island during WW II. It is a fun book and well worth the time.

This week I made Dr. C a small KU desk quilt. He was almost overwhelmed that I would do that for him. He really is one of the kindest and most positive doctors that I have met.

Last week I became part of a bisphosphonate research study that provides for patients who are taking some type of cancer hormone treatment. The bisphosphonate is to help strengthen my bones and chase away any cancer cells that may be in the bones. There are three medications and I was randomized to take Zometa (like an industrial strength boniva). It is the IV med and must be taken once a month for six months and then every three months for 3 years. On Tuesday I went to the IV unit to be given my IV. The nurse who tried to put in the IV did not find the right place in two different areas and I was so tired of being stuck--I would not allow her to stick me again. That certainly stirred up the troops. I was soon visited by my oncologist, the research nurse, and the head of the study. I did go home and think about whether being part of the study was worth the pain. In the end I asked for the best nurse in the unit and the IV was inserted with no pain on Thursday. Amy is now my "IV angel"! The Zometa did make me feel achy, have a headache, and not sleep well. After a couple of Advil and some sleep I did feel better by Friday evening.

The saddest thing about this adventure is that for the last two days the waiting room of the cancer center has been packed with patients. It really is time for us to find a way to prevent cancer...

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