Thursday, April 2, 2009

Haley's Notebook Cover

This is a small cover that has a 5" x 7" spiral notebook. It is just the right size for a carry along. It is the same cover as I made a few weeks ago. Haley, my granddaughter, really loved one I made for her aunt. So she went to the local quilt shop and chose two fat quarters for her notebook. She takes it to school with her and says she gets lots of compliments. I am so glad she likes it. She did a great job of choosing the fabric and I used a teal shade for the quilting and embroidery.

Haley brought me a pair of jeans that she had torn a hole in the back. She was not too excited about having me embroider something that would be on her fanny such as a butterfly or ladybug. Last year I bought all 345 colors of Isacord thread with my economic stimulus check, so I was able to find a couple of colors that blended with the light blue denium. When the repair was finished, the stitching barely showed. She was pleased and surprised.

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Lucy said...

Your sewing is superb Jane! Haley -- what a pretty name.