Sunday, October 18, 2009

Angel Tree Topper

This Angel tree topper is from the OESD Christmas Collection #1 in 2008. The fabric parts of the angel are satin with the rest made by machine embroidery. There are five parts to the angel and it takes about five hours to embroider all of them. The satin stitches are then embellished with silver metallic thread.
This angel along with other free standing lace angels will be given to the Stormont Vail Cancer Center chemo unit. I am hoping it will brighten the days of those patients who have to spend time in the unit during the holidays.


BROOKE said...

very beautiful. I got to see one of these up close at our last quilters meeting - made by a lady here in Atchison. They are so intricate, I am in awe.

Pieces of Time said...

Thank you for the kind compliment. These angels make great Christmas gifts and they really are easy to make.

2bornot2b said...

Your Angel is stunning! I was so inspired I ordered the collection and don't even have a machine that will embroidery! Will you please share with me the make and model machine you used? Thank you and Happy New Year!
Susan in Connecticut

Pieces of Time said...

I have a Bernina 440 with an embroidery module. You can make the angels with any type of embroidery machine. I love my Bernina.