Sunday, February 26, 2012

X-Blocks Practice Piece

Last week the Southwest Bernina dealer came to the RV resort to speak to the quilters. She is a new quilter and so talked about some of the quilts she has stitched. One of the techniques was using an X-block ruler. The ruler is from Quilt Queen Designs and there are a couple of books, one is Once Upon a Time in X-Blocks Land. I really like one of the quilts she showed us and decided it would make a great baby quilt. So I stopped by her shop and helped the Arizona economy. Today I took a couple of hours and put together a 12 block sample. I really like the look.
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heather said...

That's cute.

pdudgeon said...

very nice indeed! i always love quilts that start out totally different than they end up being.
thinking that would also look fabulous in some Minnick & Simpson prints.

Victorine said...

Bought an X block several years ago and it is really fast and easy! What a nice looking quilt. Have you tried the twister tool? It is even easier!