Monday, May 1, 2017

Deanne's Sewing Machine

Nine friends and I just returned from a trip to Paducah for the Quilt Show.  We had three ladies in the group who had never been to the show and that is always fun. We saw Eleanor Burns at her hour show that previewed her new quilts.  Then we saw her again at a small gathering on Friday evening where she answered questions and talked about her life adventures.  We shopped in old town Paducah, visited Kirchoff's Deli three times, checked out the Quilt Museum, stopped at the Rotary Building, spent money at Hancock's of Paducah, ate at Patty's, shopped the vendors in the convention center and dome, and saw the quilt display and winners.  I ate strawberries and ice cream from the Boy Scout.  I was going to share the bowl with a friend but it disappeared before I could share. LOL

Deanne stayed with me for a day of sewing before heading to Paducah and then stayed an extra day when we returned on Saturday.  It was snowing in Amarillo, so her son suggested she wait to come home.  Sunday was another sewing day as we made this zipper bag.  The pattern comes from Disorderly Threads on Etsy.

It has been a fun week with nine quilting friends.  We shared a ten-person cabin in the Kentucky Lakes area.  Looking forward to the next time.


margaret said...

cute bag! sewing with friends is always a treat.

Jenny said...

Sounds great!! And what a thrill to meet up with Eleanor.