Friday, February 13, 2009

The Big Adventure Chapter Two

Today was a big day at the Cancer Center. My first appointment was with a genetic counselor to discuss whether to have genetic testing. I have two aunts on my dad's side of the family who had breast cancer and a daughter of one of the aunts. So the discussion centered around how it would be valuable to me and for my children and grandchildren. The plan is to have testing done to obtain more information about my breast cancer and possible treatments in the future. Results should be back in two or three weeks.

Then it was the third visit with my oncologist. We discussed the results of my bone density scan which showed that I have good bones. The oncotypeDX test showed that chemo would be of little value for me. The CT scan showed a small spot on my lung that is a calcium deposit, probably from some type of infection long ago. We decided on a hormonal therapy that will last for five years and a bisphosphonate that will help prevent cancer from spreading to the bones or other parts of the body and also to strengthen the bones.

Tuesday I have an appointment with a radiologist to find out more about radiation treatments.

I am extremely happy that I will not have to undergo chemo. Doctor visits and blood tests will be my life for a long time.

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