Friday, February 6, 2009

Log Cabin Loco

This is a quilt pattern called Log Cabin Loco by Marlous Designs. It is a courthouse steps type of pattern and made with mostly 2.5 inch strips from 10 light fat quarters and 10 dark fat quarters. It does have bigger centers and a set of 1.5 inch strips. This is a quick quilt to make that goes together easily. You make 10 light squares and 10 dark squares, cut them in half, and sew them together.
I will be teaching this class at Overbrook Quilt Connection on February 28. You can enroll in the class by calling the quilt shop at 785-665-7841.
This is a picture from the pattern. My quilt has similar coloring. It can also be made with different colorings--reds and blues, light purple and dark purple, or any combination that is pleasing to you. Jelly rolls would be great to use with a contrasting fabric for the centers.
Happy piecing!

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