Monday, May 4, 2009

Heart Quilt Top

The heart quilt top is finished. It took a while to make the border blocks but they have now been sewn on. I decided to make small embroidered hearts for the border cornerstone blocks. I simply downsized the regular blocks to about three inches. The four cornerstones turned out just too cute. This quilt will be donated to the Stormont Vail Cancer Center Radiology Department. The colored hearts represent the different types of cancer.

I will start quilting it on Thursday. I want to have the quilt finished by the third week in May so do not want to wait until the last minute.

The mail today brought two unique packages. One package was from Sprinkles Sewing Center and contained two embroidery patterns that I ordered from them. I am so excited to try this project. I will show you the pattern when I have one made. The second package was from Kathy Meyer in Wisconsin. We talked during the Paducah Quilt Show while I was doing a demo of Aunt Philly's Toothbrush rag rug. She sent directions for making the start of the rag rug. Her directions, "There's More Than One Way to Start This Rug", and a cast-on needle she made were in the package. I know this will be put to good use.

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