Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eyeglass Quilts

Last week I purchased a book called Ready, Set, Serge by Georgie Melot. I had seen her on Sewing with Nancy when she was demonstrating how to make easy serger projects. Two projects caught me eye--an eyeglass case and a cosmetic bag. I just had to order the book because I could not get the directions to work out in my mind. Just too many turns and so had to have a little more help than the TV program.

This is the collection of eyeglass quilts (cases) that I have made. They are just so easy and the ones without piping take about 10 minutes. It does take a few minutes longer to put on the piping. They are just fun to make, can be made with two 8-inch squares of fabric and batting, and make great little gifts. I used my serger but they can easily be made with a sewing machine.

A quilting friend and I had our own quilty retreat last week on Friday and Saturday. We made some of the eyeglass quilts, some 4-sided placemats with piping, and a credit card holder. We had such fun, worked on several projects, and shared our quilts.

My Bernina's "check engine" light came on yesterday. I saw the wrench and screwdriver which means it needs to go to the technician for its checkup. So I had it tuned up and it is ready for another couple of years of dedicated service.

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