Friday, June 5, 2009

Quilted Lady

This quilted lady is "Hope". When we were in Paducah, Sharon purchased a quilted lady from a person who was shopping at out booth. The quilted lady maker came back a couple of days later and I asked her about her quilted ladies and how she made them. They are really two embroidery CD's designed by Bonnie Colonna. When I had time after returning home, I did an internet search for the embroidery designs. I found a website that showed one of them and a quilt shop when they were purchased. I sent emails to the website and also to Bonnie Colonna. After not getting quick replies--I later found them in my spam folder--I found the phone number of the quilt shop in Pueblo, Colorado and just called them. They did have the designs and so in a few days I also had the designs.

The quilted lady CD's have a face design and then one or two small quilting designs for the fabric piece. Each face has a special name. I tried using cotton fabric for the faces and also dolskin. Cotton is much easier to sew and stuff but dolskin gives you more flexibility for shaping the head.

I have had such fun with the designs. My Wednesday Sewing Group at Bob's Bernina is participating in a quilted lady challenge. Each one received a quilted lady face and are to bring it back at the August meeting artfully attired. Won't it be fun to see with others will do with their quilted lady!

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