Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grommet Purse

This is one of the hottest items from Indygo Junction. The pattern is called Grids & Grommets (IJ805). My local quilt shop had made this purse and I loved it. So I made one for my DIL's birthday. The fabric is light purples, greens, and a little turquoise green. The purse is stabilized with fusible fleece. The directions are easy to follow. The grommets are easy to put in without any special tool--they just snap together with a little pressure. Grommets come in two sizes and several colors. Sometimes grommets are hard to find. Overbrook Quilt Connection has a good supply right now. The purse pattern has a small size like this one and a large one. I also made an eyeglass case and a credit card holder from the fabrics to accessorize the purse.
The local quilt shop owner called Indygo Junction today about an order and was told that 900 of these patterns arrived in the warehouse today. But 875 are already spoken for. So this is a hot seller.


Brenda Tews said...

Do you know of anyone teaching the Grids and Grommets class around the Denver Metro area this fall?

Pieces of Time said...

I don't know anyone in that area. This pattern is fairly easy and can be made from the instructions. I would be glad to answer questions as they arise, if you want to attempt it yourself. I will be starting my second one tomorrow.
Jane in Kansas