Saturday, September 26, 2009

Locker Hooked Rug

This rug is a pattern called "Garden Steps" in a
book by Cindy Murray entitled You Can Be A Happy Rug Hooker 2. During the Paducah Quilt Show I demonstrated locker hooking. Then the local quilt shop asked me to teach a class covering toothbrush rag rugs and locker hooking. One of the ladies who works in the shop on Saturday brought this rug for the class to see. It was so beautiful and soft that I decided I needed to make one for the entrance to our fifth wheel trailer. So it is completed and I really like it.
You can find a video to show you the basics of locker hooking. It is done with a locker hook, strips of fabric, rug canvas mesh, and cotton yarn or string. The locker hook has a crochet hook on one end and a needle eye on the other end. The strips of fabric are hooked to the top of the mesh and then the string is drawn through the loops to keep them on top of the canvas. It is really very easy and uses yards of fabric. My rug is 26" X 32" and took about eight yards of fabric.

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