Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy Sewing

No pictures today but I have been busy with sewing things. This morning I did some research on making a cathedral window quilt. I need it for a program I will give tomorrow evening at the guild meeting. I also worked on finishing four adult bibs that I am going to give to the local care home. I had found some fabric that had a rubberized backing so a spill would not soak through the bib. Well, when I washed the bibs that fabric shrunk. I was totally surprised by that. I thought the terrycloth would be the one to shrink. Then it was on to the Holiday Redwork quilt. I have the middle blocks finished and now just have to complete the borders. One border is made of flying geese, so that is the one that is taking some time. The is the class I am teaching at the quilt shop, so I would like to have it quilted and bound by our next class. I'll add some pictures later. Happy stitching!

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