Monday, June 21, 2010

The Alaska Highway

We stayed overnight in Beaverlodge because the rv parks we called in Dawson Creek were full. So we had a short hop today to Dawson Creek. Our first little glitch for the day was to put some air into one of the truck duals. It has had low pressure several days. The second little glitch was the friend's slide that would not retract. So it took a while to get things done. But we gained another hour and were in Dawson Creek by 8:30. Then we settled into the campground, walked Charlie, and started some washing. We toured the museum, art gallery, saw a film about the making of the Alaska Highway in the early 40's, took pictures of everyone at Mile Zero, went a few miles and looked at one of the original bridges, stopped for some supplies, got the truck tire fixed, and then went out for supper. It was another busy, vacation day!

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