Sunday, June 20, 2010

In Canada

Friday night we stayed at Tunnel Mountain campground in the Banff National Park in Canada. Yesterday we headed to Lake Louise which is a mountain resort located on a lake. Everything there was incredibly beautiful. Then it was up 93 highway through the mountains. The Rocky Mountains in Canada are HUGE. We saw lots of snow and many glaciers. The rivers are a blue hue from the small mineral flakes in the water ground from the rocks as the glaciers move. We also saw mountain goats and bighorn sheep in our travels. This was our first sunny day since we have left home. The first picture is of the icefields. If you can increase the size of the picture, you can see buses that take people to the middle of the icefield.The second picture is of the wildlife crossovers that are built above the highway near Banff.

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Victorine said...

We are steeped in harvest here in Clyde. Thanks for helping me escape each day vicariously.

Victorine Koch