Friday, June 25, 2010

Train Trip

Today, June 25, we got on a bus to take us on a train trip! How about that!!! From Whitehorse, YT we took Highway 2 or the South Klondike highway and stopped at Carcross, YT. Carcross stands for caribou crossing or the narrows the caribou used go between two lakes in the area. There is an area of sand dunes know as the Carcross Desert close by. The sand came from lake-bottom material left behind by a large glacial lake. It looks like the OK sand dunes except it has pine trees growing in it.

Then it was on to Fraser, BC where we boarded a narrow gauge train, the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad which was completed in 1900. We saw spectacular scenery as we rode to Skagway, Alaska. There were two tunnels, several bridges, lots of waterfalls, high mountains, and sheer drop-offs. It was a fun trip.

Before getting off the train, our passports were checked because we were now in the U.S. We had also crossed a time zone. Skagway was one of the staging areas for the gold rush in the Klondike. Now it is a port for cruise ships and so there are lots of tourist shops--especially jewelry shops. It is a neat little town--with a feel similar to Leadville in Colorado except the shopping is more upscale. I found a quilt shop with great Alaskan patterns and purchased a little fabric.

Back on the bus and heading back to Whitehorse and another passport check to get back into Canada. We got back about 6.

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