Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Blue Visor

Today I worked on a visor that I can take with me to Arizona when we leave after Christmas. It is light blue in color. I completed the embroidery work and then added some crystals for a little added punch. I have also been working on digitizing some redwork. So far I have not gotten the design to look like I want. I did find a blog that had a lesson about redwork which was very informative. It will take me some time, but I will have a picture before long.
Our fifth wheel has been at the shop to take care of a refrigerator recall and a little problem with the bedroom slide. We were able to bring it home Friday, so with the nice weather, I have shampooed the carpets. Today I cleaned the rest of the trailer and generally have it ready for a big trip. Stowing my clothes, loading my sewing machine and projects, and stocking the fridge will have me ready for the trip. We will leave the day after Christmas--weather permitting.
This has been a long weekend for Charlie--our Australian shepherd. We are having a new deck put on the front of the house and Charlie just does not like someone banging on the house. Hopefully the job will be completed in another day.

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