Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ready for Christmas

This is the stack of gifts my Bernina has been gloriously stitching for the last couple of months. I'll show you more after tomorrow. Most of the boxes and packages contain things that I have made or have embellished in some way for three children and spouses, seven grandchildren and three greatgranddaughters. This is the first year that I have not made several quilts. We are going to our son's house who lives just one mile west of us, so it all has to be moved in the morning. I have it sitting on my husband's creeper, so it will all move easily.
The napkins are from the OESD Christmas Collections 2008 #2. They are so fun to make and are beautiful. These have been made from some cloth napkins I found at WalMart. You do have to buy an extra to use for cutting the inserts. I am sure several people will get a set of cloth napkins next year.
I wish every a very Merry Christmas!

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Lucy said...

Wow! You are incredible. I'd sure love to see what's in all those boxes. grin