Monday, July 26, 2010

Almost Home

Tonight we are at Gunsmoke Campground in Dodge City. We have spent the last seven days at River's End Campground at Taylor Reservoir. It is north of Gunnison, Colorado. Our boys and families were there with their atv's. So we stopped to have a little fun with them before heading home today. They will be home later in the week.

No updates because there was no wifi connection. I did get an email message or two sent from one of the daugher-in-laws Iphones. I think I will have to have one of those before long.

Rex and Elaine have gotten their trailer fixed and are on the road again. We did get a call from them today and they are in Washington state. They are going to attend a wedding there in a week or two. So happy to hear from them.

More news about the trip later in the week. Thanks for making the journey with us.

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