Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Monday and Tuesday

7-12 & 7-13
We are working on getting back to the United States. The Yukon Territories and British Columbia seem to be extremely big, especially at 45 mph. Yesterday the biggest news of the day was that Elaine and Rex have plans to solve their problem. The second biggest event was that we saw a brown bear walking along the ditch and I got a picture.

Today is Happy Birthday to me Day! We headed down Highway 37, or the Cassiar Highway. The first few miles were kind of rough and then there was lots of road construction. So it was slow going for about 5 hours. We did stop at the Jade Shop along the way and found out that 90% of the world’s jade is mined from an old asbestos mine in the Cassiar Mountains. After getting to Dease Lake the road became smooth and it was great driving. It was a 300 mile day. Our animal sightings were a small herd of horses in the road and a black bear hurrying up the hillside. I don’t know where all the moose are hiding. The Cassiar Mountains are a new awesome experience at each new turn in the road. There were lots of lakes and they were beautiful blues, but not quite as pretty as Dease Lake.

Venice was so kind to fix me a birthday dinner complete with a birthday cake and candles. She hurried a little with things and the wax on the part of the candles stuck in the cake melted because the cake was still hot. It really didn't matter, it was great cake.

I couldn't get any pictures to upload. Maybe next time.


Roxane Fawl said...

I wished you a happy birthday on facebook, but forgot about the blog, so...Happy Birthday to You!

Can't wait to see you and hear your stories in person. We are in Knoxville at the AQS quilt show. Ran out of 3-pocket purse kits, but bought quilted fabric on the way and we cut it up last night!

Victorine said...

Happy birthday, Dr. Jane. I have been enjoying your trip to the Great White North. I didn't know you were on Facebook too.

Jill Spader said...

Happy Birthday Jane! Can't wait to see all of your pictures and hear about your travels!