Tuesday, July 6, 2010


On the fourth of July we moved from the Denali area to Homestead RV Park close to Palmer, Alaska. We drove in rain for much of the 200 mile trip. The owners of Homestead are Bill and Cathy, who we met in the park in Arizona. The afternoon was spent getting things set up. We watched eagles below the bluff we are on. Venice has a friend who lives in Wasilla, so they were off to visit with her.
July fifth is Rex’s birthday. This morning Elaine and I checked on the lowlands and saw a moose taking a nap. We spent time watching him and taking pictures. I baked some cupcakes and then Venice’s friend took us all on a tour. We went up Hatcher Pass and stopped at a resort for some tea and coffee. The stream beside the road was beautiful with many huge rocks. The mountain sides were covered with alders. We also saw fiddle ferns. After a little lunch we headed for Cook’s Inlet. The inlet has miles of mud flats when the tide is out. It was very windy and rough on the water today. We stopped at Indian Valley Meats. They take people’s fish or wild game and fix it however they want. They can smoke it or make jerky from it. It was a very interesting place. Our last event of the day was a drive-by of Sarah Palin’s house in Wasilla. Then it was back to camp to frost the cupcakes, make some ice cream, and have a birthday party for Rex. It was another fun day.

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