Saturday, July 17, 2010

Still in Montana

Saturday, July 17
We stayed at Dick’s RV in Great Falls, Montana last night. The park is on the river and very nice. With asphalt pads. We did some power buying at WalMart as we were out of fruit and vegetables. We also purchased a soft long-handled brush and some automotive soap. When we got back to the park, we washed the truck and fifth wheel. It really looks nice now that the Alaska mud is gone.
Today we took Highway 89 to Interstate 90. The highway was a scenic route and that was really true. It ran through a narrow valley with a river. There were big bluffs, lots of pines, and clear streams. The views were awesome. We stopped at a turnout and the guys saw one of our tires was separating, so it was time to use the big tools for a job quickly done. Then 50 miles on down the highway, the PressurePro indicated that tire had low pressure, so we stopped and pumped it up. We stopped at a co-op in the next small town and they put in a new valve stem in less than half an hour. It was an interesting stop in a town with a mercantile and two cafes.
Then it was back to big rolling hills beside the Yellowstone River and gigantic wheat fields that are almost ready to harvest. Tonight we are parked at the 7th Ranch RV. We stayed at this park when we were northbound.

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