Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Busy day

I had an old quilt that someone had given me. It had that dirty yellow grunge on it, so I used some "Restoration" to wash it. I soaked it for 30 minutes in the washing machine and then spun out the water. Then I soaked it overnight and washed it the next day. Some of the fabric was frayed so I decided to make some stuffed animals from the quilt. I used a simple pattern that has just two pieces. They are quick to make and look great.

Today I have been working on a sweatshirt with a cat design. I have the cat, tabs, and pocket finished. Tomorrow I will work on the facings.

Last night was a fun night. I went to the KU basketball game with my son, wife, and granddaughter. We had such a great time. Our seats were in the fourth row behind the KU bench. We saw the unveiling of the 2008 NCAA Champ banner before the game--that make the whole auditorium rock! I enjoyed watching new players starting to become a team.

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Lucy said...

Wow -- you are doing lots of stuff and I love the sweatshirt - it's darling.

Love your stuffed friends -- aren't they fun!