Monday, November 3, 2008

Home from the Houston Quilt Show

The doors are opening and the crowd is starting.

Thanks to a wifi system that wouldn't work at our hotel, I have not had the ability to connect to the Internet since last weekend. I have a few pictures, but we were so busy that I was not able to get pictures that show the true picture of the crowds. The aisles were packed with people from early in the morning until closing each day. We would arrive at the convention center at least an hour before the show started. This gave us time to restock the Overbrook Quilt Connection booth and then have time to visit other booths to check out their wares.

There were 20+ rows of vendors of every variety. All major sewing machines were represented. Many quilt personalities were there, including Ricky Tims, Eleanor Burns (we also saw her at a local quilt shop purchasing fabric), Mark Lipinski, Jenny Haskins, Nancy Zieman, and others I missed seeing. One of the hot sellers at the show was a mechanical chalk pencil from Bohin in France. It is so easy to use. Look for it at your local quilt shop. One of our big sellers was the Quilt-a-Card, which I demonstrated. It made people smile when they saw how easy it was to make a unique card. You can order them from the Overbrook Quilt Connection. Our booth had many quilts and patterns from Vicky Lawrence of Prairie's Edge Patchwork. The quilt shop has many kits for her patterns. Her Mountain Lily pattern was our best seller.
Sharon Shamber, once again, won top honors at the quilt show with a red and soft brown quilt. The winner of the thread quilt category was an embroidery quilt that had a small amount of quilting but was mostly embroidery. The lace design around the edge came from Zundt.

One of the cutest displays was this shirt at the Rowenta booth that was made with 25 yards of pink fabric.

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