Sunday, October 26, 2008

Houston Fall Market

The Fall Quilt Market has been great fun. Market started on Saturday with retailers checking out the newest patterns, fabrics, buttons, and other miscellaneous sewing and quilting items. On Saturday, Roxane--quilt shop owner--and I walked the entire floor to see what things were new and the vendors that were there. After lunch we started on the first row to stop at most of the booths to see their wares and make notes on items she wanted to order. Many of the smaller items, like patterns, she purchased and took with her. Some of the items were ordered to be shipped ASAP.

It was fun to talk with the vendors. The our other two people worked Vicky's booth which was selling her latest patterns. Her newest pattern, splitting image, has been a big hit. It is a very simple pattern but looks complex and is an awesome quilt. This quilt is made with fabric from Marcus Brothers called Mocha Meringue. Roxanne and I work the booth during lunch when Vicky and Jeanette need a break.

I have chatted with people from all over the US and also met three ladies from New Zealand. There were such fun. We are across the aisle from Thangles and the owners are a very nice couple.

I am having a good time. I spent some time today walking through the quilt show. The quilts are great pieces of art. I always feel like such a neophyte after seeing quilts at a national show...I'll include pictures when I have time to upload them.

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