Saturday, October 18, 2008

Santa Fe Trail Quilt Show

The quilt show is great! Everyone showed up at 6pm last night to help set up the quilt show. We had purchased some used wooden frames that were only partially put together. So after everything looking like chaos for an hour because all the holes were drilled differently, we made progress getting them together. In another hour we had the frames set up. At 10 we had the gym cleaned up and ready for the show. Everyone pitched in and made the work enjoyable.

We have 139 quilts in the show. I was worried that we would have just a few quilts, but everyone brought out their best for display. We are a small guild with 20 members but we are growing and learning from each other. Visitors have the opportunity to vote on their favorite quilts. Half of the quilts had points as I left this evening. We have a variety of quilts that tickles someone's fancy.

I have met several people who I have only known online. It was so nice for them to visit the show and introduce themselves. Quilters are so friendly and love to talk about their work and know about the work of others.

We will be open tomorrow afternoon. Then it planning for the next show...

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