Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sewing up a Storm (or creating a cloud of threads)

The Santa Fe Quilt Guild's show is next Saturday and Sunday. So I have had to make a list each evening of the things to have completed the next day. Today was putting on sleeves and a few missing labels. The quilts are almost ready for the show.

My grandson is in Iraq, so today is the day I send his monthly package. His favorite treat from grandma is homemade jerky. Then he has no-bake chocolate cookies and snickerdoodles. I add a few personal items like toothpaste, aspirin, shampoo, and deodorant. After packing all the items in a flat rate box, I take up the little spaces with wrapped hard candy. He says he is always excited to get one of my boxes of love.

My quilting enthusiasm right now is embroidery quilts. I am working on a heart quilt by Smith Street Designs. The hearts are finished and now I am working on sewing the strips around the blocks. It has been a busy day!

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