Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Great Wednesday

Today I have been working on a little girl's fancy sweatshirt jacket. I have it finished except for the buttons. This one will be a sample for the Overbrook Quilt Shop, but I am making three others for greatgranddaughters. One will be made like this one but the two others will be different. They are in a booklet by Fran Morgan called So Precious Sweatshirts which has six different styles. The butterfly is mostly made of chenille by the inch. It just makes the jacket so cute.
I finally ordered a new alphabet to try again on the design I am working on from my last post. The space in the middle of the letter must be relatively wide and that was very hard to find. I'll try another sample when I get a few minutes.
I made a trip to Kohl's to buy a mixer my DIL wanted. She wanted a certain Kitchen Aid mixer that was in the sale flyer. Well, I took one to the check-out and it was not the right one. So she called housewares to bring one and she brought the same one I had and then decided it was not the right one after looking at the flyer. So back we go to housewares to look--this woman had to be 70 or so--and she showed me one but it still was not the one in the ad. So up to the warehouse area and comes back and says it is in the stack in the aisle. Well it still was not the right one so back upstairs. 10 minutes later--and after conversing with a nice gentleman about Calphalon and finally telling him just to buy whatever his wife wants--she comes back with another gal who said they were out of the mixer in the flyer. So I ask her if I can have the $25 off on another one and she decides it is okay and heads to the checkout with me and I have the first one I picked up! So she has the cashier ring up the price (which was $50 off the regular price) and then gives me the sale flyer price (another $50 lower) and then deducts the $25 coupon I would get and then I get 15% off for senior citizen discount and get a $35 special Wednesday coupon. So the $350 mixer actually cost me a total of $175. And it is red--the color that Della wanted. But it took about 45 minutes.

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