Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kansas Postcard

Today I finished the sweatshirt for the quilt shop and took it in to them. I just had to get four black buttons from their basket to put on the last little touch. The quilt shop looks nice decorated for the holidays and playing great Christmas music.

The picture is of the postcard that I sent for my latest postcard exchange. The theme was fall and I chose sunflowers because they are at their very brightest during fall along the roadways. The background fabric is one printed for the central Kansas quilt shops for a hop. I especially love the subtle sunflowers in the background of the fabric, the towns of the shops, and the Kansas symbols. I also sent one to a friend in Texas who adores sunflowers. She should get her postcard in a couple of days. I sent a golf postcard to another friend in Amarillo.

Now I can get back to working on Christmas gifts.

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