Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Big Aventure Continues

Yesterday was breast surgery day and I was to report to Stormont at 11 am. I was sitting her at 9:30 when the phone rang and it was the women's center. They wanted to know why I missed my 9 am appointment to have the wire put in to show the surgeon the location of the lump. I told them no one had informed me of that appointment and they said that I couldn't have surgery because they were booked full for the morning. I sat in stunned silence. (I had left a voice message with the md's scheduler on Friday asking that question and had asked in my pre-op visit last week about that and she didn't know. So I decided I was asking too many questions and I just needed a little more patience.) I even talked to my DIL nurse the night before about how that was going to happen...So I called the surgeon's office to talk with Debbie, the scheduler. She said, yes, I did have an appointment at that time and I told her it was nowhere in my paperwork. So she said she would call the women's center and call me back. Ten minutes later, she called to say that they had a full schedule. Then she asked if I cared which hospital (there are two in Topeka.) and I told her the doctor and I had agreed on the first available. So ten minutes later she called back to tell me to go to St. Francis to the Breast Center and I could have my procedure and operation there...Off we headed and I showed up at the breast center and was promptly taken to intake. The lady there said I must have shown up on the wrong day because I was not on the schedule. After a little grumbling, she asked 10,000questions and I was off to pre-op. They were putting me in a room and I told them the breast center told me to come back after more chatting, he took me to x-ray where the isotopes are usually injected. Fifteen minutes later a breast center nurse came and got me and took me back upstairs to their place.They were to put in the wire and inject the isotopes and dye (which drains through the breast so the surgeon can know which lymph nodes to remove). That took about 30 minutes as we waited for the isotope solution to be formulated and brought up. So they got the lowdown about the morning and why I was scheduled on short notice. As I asked many questions about what they were doing, one lady said I appeared controlling! I told her I was not controlling until 9:30 in the morning when I found out I had to be responsible for finding out the answers to all the little bits and pieces. Back to pre-op for a little while to have the IV put in, then surgery nurses showed up and I was headed for surgery. The lady surgeon--my DIL says she is the best with breast surgery--took out two lumps and three lymph nodes--no drain tubes. I don't know where that other lump was hiding...I'll ask that next week. The preliminary results show the lymph nodes to be clear. The best news I have heard since December 29. I was taken to surgery about 1:45 and left the hospital to come home about 5:45. Got home in time to watch the KU/K State game. I feel fine. I have taken off the ace bandage and dressings and taken a shower this evening. I have been somewhat tired today but not in any pain. More to come as I visit the surgeon next week and also the oncologist.
I didn't know when I called this an adventure that it would be a grand one!


Cathy said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my new blog. I can't believe the hoops you had to go through for your surgery! My mom just went through this very thing a few months ago. Her lymph nodes were clear also. If you have any questions I will be more than happy to ask her for you. She did go through radiation but no chemo because of the clear nodes. She is doing great now! I will be thinking of you.

Lucy said...

I'm upset with myself for missing this post til now. Wow - that's quite an ordeal you had on surgery day. But you are so wise to take charge.

My prayers are with you -- sending lots and lots of angels your way.