Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Blocks

It seems that mornings are a good time for me to clean house. The sewing room and the laundry room have been swept and dusted. So the afternoon and until late this evening I have been in the sewing room completing some more of the blocks on the baby quilt. I now have made diaper pens, ducks, and lambs. I should have pictures in a couple of days.

We have been having some work done around the house. The new deck has finally been completed except for the railing. Our son does metal fabrication and he is making metal railing to fit between the upright posts. He has that finished and almost ready for the painter. We also had a retaining wall rebuilt which really looks nice. Now we have to get a load of dirt to reshape an area close to the retaining wall. I feel like Lucy (in Florida) with all of the outside projects.

Thinking of all our friends in Arizona who are enjoying the warmer weather as we are stuck inside because of the cold!!??

1 comment:

Lucy said...

Projects -- they are a good thing! Maybe when done you can share some pics...

Applique -- I have to do one those this year!!