Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunflowers II

After looking at the small sunflower top for a while, I decided that the border wasn't working. So while I was in town on Friday, I stopped at the local quilt shop and found some sunflower batik. I like this border much better. I would like to have found some with a little more orange color in it--but this will do for the sample. The flash washed out the yellow a bit, but it is very striking. Now to get it quilted tomorrow.
In the other part of my life, I had an appointment with an oncologist on Friday. He is certainly a knowledgeable doctor and has a nice sense of humor. He wanted to know all my medical, personal, and vocational data. We discussed the different outcomes from the tissue results and the different plans. The plan of action will be made after the tissue results are known. Before leaving the cancer center, I did have blood drawn, a chest x-ray, and an appointment for a bone density scan. My lump and some lymph nodes will be removed on January 13th. So I have several projects that are now a top priority for the next week.

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