Thursday, January 1, 2009


Today I have been working on the small sunflower quilt from Lunch Box Quilts. I started with the small sunflowers that are a combination of embroidered petals and appliqued petals. I wish I would have changed the background in each of them. The medium sized sunflower was applique. The large sunflower had applique petals as the first round. Then the second round are dimensional petals that are sewn in the hoop, cut out, turned, and sewn down in the center. I really like the dimensional look of the large sunflower. I wish I had some batik for the outer border to really make this 21" X 24" quilt shine. I think I will wait to see if the quilt shop wants a different border before layering the quilt and finishing it. It was fun to make.

The more embroidery I do, the more I would like to have another machine for sewing.

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