Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Internet Sources

This evening was the monthly meeting of the Santa Fe Trail Quilt Guild. Our program was about techniques of hand and machine applique. Two of our members did an excellent job of helping us non-appliquers understand the steps of applique. I do have a book called Women of Grace and Charm that does have an appliqued center. I plan on working on that quilt soon.

I showed my calendar quilt that has so many half square triangles. I had every size thangles except one inch. Since it was Sunday when I wanted to work on the one-inch half square triangles, I did an Internet search to find some papers to use to make over 150 of them. I found a site: http://www.quiltingandwhatnot.com/Half-Square-Triangle.html. It has different sizes of foundation papers to use. The real problem comes when your printer does not print the sheet at 100%. So you may have to work with the printer to adjust the printing percentage so that the sheet prints the correct size.

A site that was mentioned on one of my listserves shows Sharon Shamber demonstrating how to apply competition-quality binding to quilts. There are three you-tube clips that show how Sharon applies binding. You can see clip one at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PE0Yq9iGlc where she shows how she applied the binding to her Angel Quilt.


Kathy said...

Thanks for the links!
Kathy at Melvern

Lucy said...

I loved that binding tutorial. My LAQer showed me how to do the ladder stitch a few months ago, but all these extra tips are wonderful. It sure shows how I can eliminate some of the other areas that gave me trouble. Thanks for sharing.